The Rose des Rêves© is a customized wind rose you can fix on the roof or hugn to a chinning bar.

Identify the anchoring point and choose the destinations on a map, or define bearings and names…

Your 3D Rose displays!

It can support up to 15 arrows split over three rows with two arrow finish (white or wood) and display options like country ISO code or flag. More details on the product page


How does it work?

  • 1

    Compose your Rose

  • 2

    Order it online

  • 3

    Mount & fix it
    Then admire, share, dream 😉

Komponiere dein ROSE
Compose your ROSE ?!?
Componi La tua Rosa

Start Now!


Give a glance to some built roses, follow a tuto, get some ideas,...

Signpost for small business

B&B, Hotels, Restaurants

Mixing touristic spots with internal helpful information like Toilet, Restaurant, Parking, Stalls, fitness room, swimming pool,…

Movie theatres, museum, sporting clubs, stadium…

Addressing a specific theme with famous festival around the world,… Mythic mountains, waves, places, parcs and forest, castles, artists… Clubs, stadium, Olympic towns and other sport competitions

Business building halls, shops

New signalling item to inform about campus building, other subsidiaries, major customers, etc…

More information

  • Which solution will fit your needs?
    ¿ Qué solución se ajustará a tus necesidades?

My Rose des Rêves©

Far away places or local spots, already visited with some memory as well as targets, to remember and keep it up with dreams…

Destinations names can be parents names, friends, a country, region, city, address…

More information

How will your Rose des Rêves© look like?
Wie wird deine Rose aussehen?


  • Design & made in France
  • Trademark & patent
  • Delivery in Europe
  • Secured payment


Need for an accessorie or a spare part? You’ll also find some shirts…