Rose des Rêves

Rose des Rêves©

Quelque Part Ailleurs provides an online dimensioning application including an animated 3D view. With the app, you can choose proposed solution to the object physical constraint : the arrow length limiting the number of digits which can be displayed, the arrow thickness and diameter of the pole support defining a minimum angle limit of 22 degrees between two consecutive bearings on the same row. At first, you shall select the display option by default even if they can be modified at any time for any given destination. Note that an arrow is limited to a unique finishing even if it carries two distinct destination having close bearings. The maximum number of arrows per row is five with a maximum of three rows. In other words, a Rose des Rêves can host up to fifteen arrows.

Your customized Rose des Rêves will be manufactured upon your order.

It will be delivered as a kit with all needed parts (screw, threaded shaft, nuts,…) and detailed instructions to assemble and mount it on the ceiling or with its chinning bar. Note that the plug for the M5 threaded shaft is not provided as it depends on ceiling material.

Once assembled, the Rose des Rêves has a span of 90 cm diameter and height from 11 to 20 cm depending on the number of rows.

The arrows are made of wood from endorsed forest with pEFC certification. They are paint with clear lacquer or satin white paint. Please note that a single arrow has both faces with same finish selection.

Price list

Quelque Part Ailleurs has defined unique prices depending on:

  • Number of rows (from 1 to 3), each one supporting up to 5 arrowsDu nombre de niveaux accueillant un maximum de cinq flèches
  • Info Display Option

Prices are in € including taxes and excluding delivery fees. They are given for notification. The prices which will apply are embedded in the dimensioning application to avoid any misalignment.

Delivery fees will be described in concerned section below.


Product Handbook

The Rose de Rêves is delivered with its Black & White assembly and fixing instructions. They are other channels to guide you

Picture walkthrough

Tutos / Videos

App Handbook

Compose your Rose des Rêves step-by-step, modify it, improve your signpost,… Here are some guides


The Rose des Rêves can be delivered to your home or to a pick-up spot nearby in Austria, Belgium, France (incl. DomTom), Germany, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Portugal and Spain. Contact us if your country is not part of the list.

The Rose des Rêves is packed according to the height of the pole :

Prices are given for information in Euros excluding taxes :

Destination 1 row 2 rows 3 rows Chinning bar Arrows
France 15€ 18€ 20€ 12€ 7€
France DOM TOM 25€ 30€ 33€ 16€ 12€
Europe Zone 1* 17€ 20€ 22€ 14€ 10€
Europe Zone 2** 19€ 22€ 24€ 16€ 12€

*Europe zone 1 – Belgium, Germany, Netherlands, Luxembourg. **Europe zone 2 – Austria, Irlande, Italie, Portugal and Spain

A link to follow up with the delivery will be sent by mail when sent from Lannion. The delay between the order and delivery may vary from 2 to 6 weeks to manufacture, pack and deliver your Rose des Rêves.

Any damaged parcel can be returned, reimbursed or replaced without additional charge. Aside, the customized Roses des Rêves can also be returned with partial reimbursement as it concerns a customized product which cannot be resold. Refer to the Sales Terms and conditions to check the reimbursement details

Heads Up !?! Delivery FREE for France, reduced for Europe for basket > 300€.

Technical details


The arrows dimensions are 390 x 36 x 18 mm (length x height x thickness). That gives a printing area of 330 mm long and 20 mm high.

This printing area enables to display the name of the destination (capital letters and numbers), the distance in km from the anchoring point and the optional display of the country ISO code (3 letters) or the country flag.

The Rose des Rêves App has all letters and numbers dimensions to accurately compute the required length to fit in. An error message will appear if your entry is too long, the name must be shorten to continue.

Heads-up ! The Destination name CANNOT contain specific caracters, neither accents.

The displayed information order depends on the arrow side as described below :

App screenshot

The information is aligned on the left or right margin depending on selected display options.

Please note that aside the technical constraint, Quleque Part Ailleurs has the right to cancel an order if the content of the name refers to an insult as detailled on the article 4 of the Sales Terms and Conditions.


The arrow’s thickness and the mount’s diameter define a minimum angle of 22 degrees between two consecutive bearings.

In case of conflict, the Rose des Rêves App is proposing alternatives:

  • Editing two destinations on both side of the shared arrow. The shared arrow bearing will be the average of the two destination bearings.
  • The App preview refers to a continuous flip displaying the two destinations on the shared arrow.
  • You can switch the chosen sides by clicking on and get here-below shared arrow

  • Adding a new row enlarging the number of available arrows. This alternative is limited to 3 rows
  • As soon as the Rose is having 2 rows, these can be switched as per your preference. Click on , then select the ‘permutation’ which shall apply to switch rows order.


The Rose des Rêves App uses the formula of the length of the orbal arc between two points of a perfect globe modelling the Earth. The accuracy rate is at 0,03% if we consider the Earth globe shape and typography (ocean, mountains,…)

For example, with the anchoring point at Saint-Quay-Perros, France

  • Trestignel : 4 080 m +/-10m => 4 km
  • Rennes : 151,3km +/-0,2km => 151 km
  • Paris : 425,7 km +/-0,6km => 426 km
  • Ubud (Bali) : 12 800 km +/- 15km => 12 800 km
  • Montréal (Canada) : 5 124 km +/- 6km => 5 124 km
  • Sydney (Australie) : 17 348 km +/- 20km => 17 348 km


The accuracy range due to the manufacturing process is +/-2°, which means 1% rate.