Signpost for small business

The Rose des Rêves can fit with your business size involving more or less arrows. Keep in mind to identify the Rose anchoring point (where the Rose des Rêves will be mounted) as well as the North bearing. As any sign post, it is advised to position it at a crossroad.

B&B, Hotels, Restaurants : building information along with local touristic location

The arrow finishing (vhite/wood) can segment two destination categories – Heads-up that it will restrict the use of shared arrow option. Some customers have chosen to segment the destination by display (or not) of the country flag

Select the Map input mode at first even if next destinations can be either selected on the map (touristic location) or manually entered (bearing, name and potentially distance)

Go through the slide show to view the Rose of a Horse farm in Aude region, the Rose of a restaurant in Côtes d’Armor, the Rose of a camping in the Landes and the Rose of a hotel in Lille.

Movie Theatres, sporting clubs, museum, shops : destinations following a specific theme

Selection of famous festival around the word on a targetted theme : Music, Cinema, Authors, etc... the Rose des Rêves can also displays the mythic waves, mountains, natural park, museum, artists, stadium...

Select the Map input mode and adjust the name to display to reflect the targeted information.

Check out the online 3D modeI view to validate the spreading of the arrows for a balanced signpost; Aside, the Rose can be fixed close to a wall without affecting the information reading if you consider some bearing limiations.

In the slide show, you will find a Rose with Cinema festival selection for a movie theatre, a Rose with summer Olympic cities from 1960 for a sport campus, a Rose with soccer Champion’s League palmares, a Rose with music artists and bands selection and a Rose with selected castles for a travel agency

Public buildings, campus : local informations linked to the building itself

The Rose des Rêves can also be manually configured by entering the bearing and name of the arrow. Distance information is optional without any need for geographic information.

Select Bearing input for input mode. Then, the arrows will be defined by their bearings and entered names.

The slide show contains a Rose for a university campus in Strasbourg and a Rose of a Large company building in Paris.



My Customized Rose des Rêves

At first, keep in mind to identify the Rose anchoring point (where the Rose des Rêves will be mounted) as well as the North bearing.

The Rose des Rêves can be fixed on the roof or on the wall with the dedicated chinning bar.

Using the Map input enables to find easily any earth location. The name is a free entry which can be adjusted once the location is identified (longitude and latitude) with additional information about the 3 digit ISO code, flag and/or calculated distance in kilometers. The destination names can be names of family, friends,... It can also be the name of a country, a region, a city, a street or even a building.

  • I identify the destination with the search box or directly on the map
  • I validate the displayed destination, bearing, distance and country
  • I customize the name fitting in the available space
  • The arrow is added on the 3D model preview, and the map is updated with the new location

You can use the arrow finishing (wood/white) to segment the destinations or miscellaneously not to get any restriction on the shared arrow option. The 3D model view enables you to check the balance of your Rose.

Far away destinations or local sites, already visited or planned to visit, what do you like to dream about?



  • Design & made in France
  • Trademark & patent
  • Delivery in Europe
  • Secured payment